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10 Tips Office Interior Design Idea For Small Space


Racing against time can be stressful. And what makes it worse is working in a small and cramped office that

doesn’t allow you to organize things tidily.


Let’s alleviate your tension and eradicate the clutter with these 10 excellent small office interior design ideas. 



1. Modern Office Design Layout



Modern Office Design

Resource: strong project


If you have space constraints, this rectangular office layout is a perfect idea! You can choose a corner of the

floor to create this stylish small office setup.


Push the furniture to the corner to maximise the available space. Go for an island table and sleek rotating

chairs. Conceal all the ugly wirings and add a beautiful painting for worktime inspiration.




2. Elegant Small Office Space Design Idea



Elegant Small Home Office Design Ideas

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This office layout idea also can work well for both home offices and startups. The idea is to position the

seating to a corner and place the window behind to allow natural sunlight.


The table here is used as an extension of the main cabinet, which is a brilliant way to optimize the available

space. Go for plenty of draws and shelves to keep everything organised in one place.




3.  Small Office Setup with Shared Desks



10 Trending Small Office Design Ideas for 2020 | Styles At Life in 2021 | Small  office design, Commercial office design, Office design

Resource: Google



For companies with small teams, an office setup like this can achieve two purposes – effective space

utilization and personal interactions with colleagues.


By removing claustrophobic cubicles and replacing them with these divider desks, you can make sure that

people work together without privacy invasion. A small coffee table and a lounge sofa can tone down the

formal setting.




4. Co-Working Small Office Design



Where to find the best coworking spaces in Rio | WeWork

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If you are not a fan of formal settings, then go for this office design! It is perfect for small teams, especially in

professions like designing, where interactions happen between people on a regular basis.


You will need an accent sofa on the corner to break the ice and a compact desk-cum-discussion table for

serious brainstorming. Keep the walls in neutrals and add some colourful décor to make it a lively space.




5. Creative Office Design Idea for Small Spaces



Pin by Graham McDonnell on Workstations | Creative office space, Home  office design, Cool office space

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Break the monotony of a traditional office setup by unleashing your creativity. Check out this cool office

design that is anything but boring! Bright colours like teal blue and yellow kick can kick out your Monday



The playful wall décor is both functional and boredom killer at the same time. Go for small desks and

chairs to save space. Choose carpet flooring for a more customized look.




6. Rustic Style Small Office Interior Design



Rustic Home Office Ideas: 8 Designs That Show Off Cozy Style

Resource: Google


How about working from the woods? Before it becomes a mainstream concept, you can try it first without

having to become a forest dweller. Replace your glossy cabins with coarse-looking wooden panels and



Give importance to old, antique accessories like rusted tables, archaic storage bins, bulbs and vintage




7. Black and White Small Office Space Design



Black And White Office Decor – BAC-OJJ

Resource: Google


Black and white with a splash of Fuchsia pink can never go wrong! This impressive office setup for small

spaces can make you want to sit in the room just to enjoy its beauty!


From designer wallpapers to solid black cabinets and upholstery, every element reminds us of fantasy land.

Adding a dash of pink can leave you spellbound!




8. Stack them up



51 Modern Home Office Design Ideas For Inspiration

Resource: Google


This office is so tiny that you find it hard to move through. It is impossible for you to put some drawers or

cabinets to store your documents. Storing them in another room is not a good choice, either. The only one

thing you can do is just stack the files up.


Making a wall-mounted desk and racks at the corner of the room is your safe bet. You can still work in this

tiny room and grab the files that you need without breaking a sweat.




9. Cozy Office Interior Design



Old Factory Turned to Cozy Office Space - InteriorZine

Resource: Google


A small office doesn’t hinder you from welcoming your guests or colleagues with utmost care. They deserve a

comfortable place to sit so that you can discuss business better.


Investing in some faux leather sofas can be a great idea as they can add a touch of elegance to your office. Just

shove everything against the table so that you can still have enough space to move through.




10. Simple Small Office


37 Minimalist Home Offices That Sport Simple But Stylish Workspaces

Resource: Google


This small office optimizes its space by using a multifunctional desk. The small desk enables you and your

colleagues to have a private meeting related to the progress of your business.


Instead of placing the desk by shoving it against the wall, you can place it at the corner of the room so that you

can still have sufficient space. Besides, it will be easier for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the







Whether it is a home or a commercial space, these small office layouts and decoration ideas can simplify your



1. Remove bulky pieces and replace them with sleek, edgy ones that are stylish and functional.

2. Rearrange the furniture and push them towards the wall to leave the centre space for moving around.

Keep the seating opposition opposite to the entrance door to have a proper view.

3.Try to set up the office next to an open space like a window or balcony, so you get plenty of natural light and air.

4.Create flexible workspaces instead of reserving desks for people. This way you can minimize

the underutilization of desks.

5.Decorate the offices with some bold colours, artworks, and accent furniture to bring out your

brand’s personality.






5 Most Powerful Bar Decor Design Idea For You


Bar design is important because that is an important part of your marketing strategy since the way your bar look will be crucial to your branding. The bar interior design is the first thing that the customer will notice when they walk through the door and that becomes their first impression about your brand, the level of service they expect, and their willingness to come again or not. Hence, the bar interior design should not be despised by bar owner.

Before that, we were sharing the best bar design tips you should know. From that article, you know what should include in a bar. However, you may still not have the ideas about your bar design whether you are already in the planning phase of new bar or redesign your old bar. We believe this article able to give you inspiration. And if you happen to be local, we can provide bar décor design in Johor Bahru. Hexa 6 can give you the bar design that you want at the appropriate price.



The first of powerful bar design idea - Subsix, Maldives


 credit: Subsix


The world’s first underwater club at this time, Subsix is located nearly 20 feet ( 6 meters ) below the Indian Ocean.

The Subsix Underwater Bar is an immersive life in the water. Poole Associates' recent redesign draws inspiration from the aquatic environment and sets up a very surreal stage for guests to dive beneath the water and explore their desires. In six meters below the waterline, in coral cover construction, when you enjoy contemporary cuisine with coral reefs, you can see the stimulation of nocturnal hunting.

Unsurprisingly, Subsix's new look is based on the surrounding Marine life. Custom-made chairs massage guests with rubber fingers inspired by sea anemones, while Capiz's shell ceiling arrangement is described as an ode to the sea algae forest. Coral-shaped chandeliers, clam-shaped bar and aquatic tone mood lighting complete the theme of "Finding Nemo-Esque".

In the words of Dietmar Koegel, general manager of Per Aquum Niyama, "The sixth floor is the closest you can get to a coral reef without wearing a mask or a wetsuit." The guests loved the setting from the start, and we knew it was something special and had to take it to the next level."




The second powerful bar design idea - Peaches, Melbourne


credit: Pinterest 


Peaches are Swanston Street's newest branch, with soft interiors, tropical leaves, and suede booths that convey the sweetest nostalgia of the 70s. The bar was designed by interior and furniture designer, Pierce Widera.

Climb a pink staircase and you'll find yourself in a retro-chic space with a unique setting that mimics an American restaurant, with peach-shaped orbs and sparkling mirror balls lighting up the room. Passing the pink stairs to the top floor, Peach Roof feels more like Miami than Melbourne, and its eponymous wood deck with pastel blue walls and white furniture is the ideal spot to enjoy the summer splash and people watching from above.

The best part about this beautiful urban oasis is that it has two parts. Replace vintage furnishings with coastal decor on the three-story Peaches roof. Here, you'll find refreshing sprays that complement the atmosphere of the beach. However, the roof has proved to be versatile in all seasons, with a built-in heating system within the concrete seats.

Peaches become a relaxing spot at the end of nightlife in the city, hitting Peach with great cocktails, fried chicken, and high times.




The third powerful bar design idea – Night Flight, Bulgaria


credit: Pinterest


Night Flight is a live music club and it has become one of the pubs that most talked about because their bar interior design helps them succeed to become the Winner of Best All in One Venue in the Design My Night Awards, they also as the European Best Bar Award 2014, and Architizer A+ Award 2014. This bar interior designer is Svetoslav Todorov.

This European-inspired bar unites function with aesthetics. They set up the night scenery by using the binding effect of sound insolation – adding extra depth to the walls and absorbing all light reflections.

The glittering of stars was represented by a luminous web – a spherical surface that enhances the central perspective. Mirror reflections were used by reason of multiplication and modification of the space proportions. Domes illuminated by small dots of light that resemble geometric pixels, and the night flight conveys a different type of feeling.

Their design was inspired by its name, night flight. They reinvented the concept of a midnight walk/ flight under a starry sky. The main room has a stunning phosphorescent arch. Then, they placed the stage in the center of the space with seating is arranged in three tiers and one balcony, in order to achieve 360º contact with the audience.



The fourth powerful bar design idea- The Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone, Louisiana


credit: Pinterest


The famed Carousel Bar and Lounge at Hotel Monteleone is a long-time favorite New Orleans hotspot. The classic New Orleans Hotel Bar is the city's only rotating bar. This bar is famous and it is frequented by New Orleans locals and tourists, even if you are not a guest of the hotel. This bar was designed by SCNZ architects and their effort got paid with the award of Vieux Carré Commission Recognition.

The 25-seat bar is a former merry-go-round that has been spinning at the Monteleone Hotel since 1949. The bar will rotate at a speed of one lap every 15 minutes. Customers at the Carousel Bar may have a distinct impression that the room is spinning - even if they're not indulged in the hotel's signature Sazerac.

Recently, Vogue Living named our bar one of the top 20 bars in the world, due to their quirky spin and comprehensive cocktail list.



The fifth of powerful bar design idea – Txalupa, Spain


credit: Pinterest


This design for Txalupa Gastroteka won the award of international bar design 2020, from El's team Creativo started as part of the pintxos(small tapas) bar in Old San Sebastian and had to be changed entirely due to the change in ownership, but without losing part of the essence of these traditional pintxos bars, they are long bars full of revealing tapas and a lively and casual atmosphere.

The bar is located on Fermin Calbeton Street, a classic street in San Sebastian Pintxos. The street actually connects the harbor, where small fishing boats still dock, to the La Bretxa market, where the city's old fish market is still used as a gourmet market.

In the underground, they created a rival space: a small private club, and a sophisticated atmosphere at night, provide a selection of snacks and cocktails. Their design was inspired by an old ship cellar, Txalupa, and the warm golden wood tones surrounding us contrasted with the blue of the seafloor.

Txalupa's bar, its dining room, visible kitchen, ropes, and menus pay a sincere tribute to the sailors and their ships, which, due to their versatility and sturdiness, form an integral part of the traditional Basque image today.




Finding A Professional Designer To Help With Your Bar Interior Design?

These 5 bar décor design ideas should get you started with your bar design. If you happen to be local in Johor Bahru and do check out our past work and other articles. We can make your dream bar into your actual bar at the right price. Hexa 6 is an interior design company in Johor Bahru that can help you to design your bar to make it look awesome. Hexa 6 always believe that great space planning and design will help business to attract more people. We are work closely with builders and business owners from the early planning stages of each project through to completion with attention to detail and time-efficiency with no hidden cost.

Contact us if you are interested in our service and need help with any bar design ideas in Johor Bahru, we got your back!



7 importance of space planning in interior design

Rendered Floor Plan || Hand Rendered Using Prismacolor Pencils || Done by  Miranda Klin… | Interior design sketches, Interior design renderings,  Interior design plan

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What is Space Planning in Interior Design?

Space planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process. It starts with an in-depth analysis of

how space is to be used.


The designer then draws up a plan that defines the zones of the space and the activities that will take place in those zones.

The space plan will also define the circulation patterns that show how people will move through space.

The plan is finished by adding details of all the furniture, equipment, and hardware placement.



10 Reasons Why Work Life Balance Is Important (2021 Edition)

 Image Credit: Google


Importance Of Space Planning In Interior Designing


With the growing demand for space, there has been a steep rise in the per-square-foot price. This makes it an

obvious reason why space is considered an asset. Interior designing is all about creating spaces that are not

only aesthetically appealing but also comfortable and functional.


Today, space planning is no more restricted to residential spaces but has floated to commercial projects too.

An ideal space is one that can accommodate everything as well as give you the desired comfort. For example,

if a living room is arranged with bulky furniture which leaves no room to accommodate anything else, then

the whole idea about ‘space’ may not make sense. With a cluttered space like this, you’ll constantly feel



The challenge for every interior designer is to meet the requirements of his clients. Here are reasons why

space planning is important in interior designing.




Room Functionality 



Mid-Century Modern Living Room Ideas For Functionality & Comfort – My  Property Life  

 Image Credit: Google


When it comes to space planning, you first need to consider the purpose of the room.


Earlier, specific rooms were assigned for specific purposes. But today with the changing trend a room can be

multifunctional too. For example, a kitchen is designed in such a way that it is not only a work area but can

accommodate dining space. Similarly, you can extend your bedroom to make enough space for a dressing





Selecting Furniture  



Fully Furnished - guide to selecting furniture for your salon or spa | by  Professional Beauty GCC | LinkedIn

Image Credit: Google


Space planning involves complete floor mapping. With a clear floor plan, you’ll be able to gauge the space.

This will help you to select the right furniture based on the size of the room. It will also give you an idea of

how and where to place the furniture.




A Sense of Balance



The Psychology of Color for Interior Design – Interior Design, Design News  and Architecture Trends

 Image Credit: Google


Ideal space planning can bring in a sense of balance between beauty and comfort.


Be it the space of your kitchen or bedroom, every area counts. Space must have a good sense of balance.

This comes when you are able to integrate everything well. Colour, design, placement, interior accessories,

etc. are all responsible for creating the perfect balance.




Visually Appealing



The Relationship between Interior Design and Architecture ~ Partners in  Design

 Image Credit: Google


Space should be designed or planned in such a way that it should be visually appealing.


For example, the first time you visit a restaurant, your reaction is either good or bad. Similarly, space

planning plays an important role when it comes to visualization. With a given space, how well you are able to

place objects is instrumental.  



A Personal Touch



5 ways to add personal touch to your interior design — Summerhaus D'zign

Image Credit: Google


An interior designer when designing a space has to keep in mind every client’s personal taste. We all have

our tastes and preferences especially when it comes to interiors. Space planning must successfully reflect

what you are looking for.


For example, do you want your bedroom to be airy, cozy, or just comfortable? So, once you are clear with the

the idea, you can go ahead and plan.




Your Lighting Preference



7 lighting tricks all interior designers know - and how you can use them in  your own home too

Image Credit: Google


Every space planning requires you to keep into account the light factor. Ask yourself if you want a

room that has most the natural light coming or a room with artificial light. As per your preference,

you can plan your space and make provision for light.


In interior designing institutes, the concept of light is an important part of the interior designing curriculum.




Space Modification



Importance of Space Planning in Interior Designing - Hamstech Blog

Image Credit: Google


This is an important part of space planning. Many times we wish to modify our existing space but cannot do

so because of the rigid plan. So, always plan a space that gives an extra room to accommodate your new



Taking the above points into consideration, you can easily plan any given space. Make space planning your

area of expertise and design habitable wonders!



Hexa 6 Design -Best Interior Design Company in Johor Bahru 


We will study customers’ existing lifestyles and living habits before design. Having proper space planning

and determine the design concept is the preliminary step of turning a dream home into a reality. We are

providing customize house interior and exterior design to clients in order to build their dream home.


We are work closely with builders and homeowners from the early planning stages of each project through to

completion with attention to detail and time efficiency with no hidden cost. 





8 Creative Home Interior Design Ideas That Will Instantly Transform Your Home

8 Creative Home Interior Design Ideas That


Will Instantly Transform Your Home



Stylish and Elegant




If your home interior looking a bit dull right now and you are haven’t update your home interior design for

forever but have limited space and budget, you are in a right place. You can change this dull home problem

into something beautiful.  


We thought of 8 creative home interior design ideas that can help you get started and inspired for your home

interior design. With these home interior design ideas, your home will feel fresh, stylish, and elegant. A

creative home interior design will give you a new life as you live through the day at home. And if you happen

to be local, we can provide home interior design in Johor Bahru. We can give you the design that you want at

the right price.




Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #1:Hidden Light


Having a well-lit house is an important part of interior home design. Lighting creates a mood and calls

attention to the décor style in your home. But a few hidden illuminations can be put to good use and it's really

cool: it is great to showcase many interior features, highlight work areas and create an intimate glow, hidden

lighting fixtures are a stylish way to set the mood to add to any scene.


Having lights that directly illuminate you can be a pain to look at. But with hidden light, you can say goodbye

to the bright light above your head. We have collected some of the best-hidden lights that may inspire you to

get yours at home too.  Now let’s look at how and where to use this home interior design idea.



  Contemporary home interior design that added hidden lighting that can give a fresh look and it can set the mood

Credit: Pinterest


Contemporary home interior design that added hidden lighting that can give a fresh look and it can set the mood.


Credit: Kelly Hoppen London

Credit: Kelly Hoppen London 


Backlighting bath accessories is a great way to make them look more dramatic.




Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #2: Space Saving Bed


Space-saving bed means exactly what the word means. It is to turn any small, curve corners and areas of your

house into a sleeping place.  Space-saving beds are fun to work with for home interior design. There are so

many possibilities and people have been really creative.


From loft beds to bunk beds to anything that is possible. These bed solutions will give you extra space and

help you to get the most out of your house. This home interior design idea usually is used in much compact

and modest homes. Take a look at the most creative space-saving bed.




Credit: Pinterest

 Having to bed on top of your shelf for your personal belonging can save a lot of space especially with a compact home.



Credit: Pinterest


Go for darker and built-in shelves for a neater and clean-looking room look and a comfortable bed in the

middle having everything in you need to your reach




Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #3: Hidden Door 



Having secret doors is not limited in the movie anymore. Today modern society have the access of hidden

door as well. Yes, you read it right, you can have a hidden door in your home too. A secret door is your chance

to go creative with whatever lies on the side.


Bookshelves with a latch, wall paneling, and even built-in household implements can all hide the sacred

chamber. If you're looking to add a bit of fun and mysterious vibe to your home or want to keep the world shut

from the other side, these hidden door ideas are for you.



Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Hidden door with wood slab wall that can really hide whatever behind it. One of the best home interior design

ideas that give you a bit of privacy. 



Credit: Pinterest


A cabinet hidden door that leads directly to your kitchen or dining room can blend easily with your current

cabinet and it can blend beautifully with your current cabinet. 



Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #4: Home Office 


Having a home office not only helps your productivity but it brightens up your home interior. Most home

the office has something in common: space secluded from the distraction that is tempting such as TV and



A home office can be creatively charming and the best thing about it is that you don’t need a lot of space to do

it. You can make a home office even if you own a compact and modest home. Everything is up to the

creativity of your Interior designer.


We’ve gathered some of the best home offices that might inspire you to go make your own home office in

your home too. Read more on how to make your office more interesting at a low cost to get your dream home

office that you have always wanted.


Credit: Pinterest


Makeshift your home office with an L-Shaped desk and facing out the window to have natural light. Not only

it is space-saving but natural light can increase your productivity and boost your mood. 



Credit: Architectural Digest

Mix it up with your home office hidden inside the cabinet to have better privacy and away from everybody

and distraction. This is one of the best home interior design ideas that you can use in your home. 



Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #5: Floating Bed



A floating bed is just one of those things that rarely find in a normal household. The design is just one of those

things that make you go up and very pleasing to look at. They are aesthetically pleasing, clean, and a

touch of new air.


It brings the best out of creative home interior design as the finishing touch are clean and well defined. That’s

not all, these floating beds offer more subtle and bring in a more futuristic look. You can bring it up a notch by

putting hidden light under the bed to showcase more the futuristic look.


Credit: Pinterest


Floating bed with led light under it giving it a futuristic feature just the mood for the most time of day,



A variety of colors can really set the mood for your bedtime giving a better sleep and peace of mind in your

bedroom. The bed frame is anchored to the wall and doesn't worry, it is completely safe to sleep on. This

aesthetic home interior design idea can sure transform your bed into your favorite place in the house. 




Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #6: Track Lighting


Another one of those little things that can a big impact on your home interior design is track lighting. Like we

have mentioned before, lighting plays a big role inside a home, so here’s are some home interior design ideas

that might pop a lightbulb out of your head.


Track lighting lifts a home out of any potential to look gloomy. Track lighting is a great option for the living

room, with its functionality and flexibility. It can elevate the lighting of a room without using the main ceiling

light. This home interior design idea is low budget and has a huge impact on the perspective of the home.

Here’s are some of the track lighting ideas for your home interior design to give you some inspiration.



Credit: Pinterest: Pinterest



Track lighting has been getting more popular over time. The simplicity and the functionality should be your

top 5 to get in your home. It can really bring out of the space that was focus on. This modern home interior

design with tracking lights focusing on the countertop is just everything you need in your kitchen. 



Credit: Pinterest


Track light in the living room works perfectly and it adds a touch of elegance to the room. With the right

pairing and matching items, it could be the best home interior design you could have.



Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #7: Home Office Built-In Shelving



Living room built-ins are a view to look at and it can add style and personality. Style and personality are not

the only things built-ins can provide, it also provides something much greater than that, storage.


As fellow Malaysian, we know how many Malaysian have the many stuff in their home and built-in shelving

can be designed to cater to your household’s specific needs, the options are limitless depends on your

creativity. It can turn into closed storage, an open display area or even attention to specific details custom

built-ins can offer the perfect solution.


Credit: Pinterest


Built-in shelves with open displays can really freshen up the view of your home. With its sleek and modern

look and wardrobe that adds extra storage underneath the TV is a really simple but amazing view to look at.

The decor can be customized to your liking. 




One of our specialties is working and designing with build-in shelves that give you full satisfaction. This

modern home interior design that we have created in past for one of our customers. They look really happy

and excited when they first came to see the home interior design.


They were amazed at what we have done with their room. The built-in TV stand and the extra storage just

blend naturally with the design of the whole room. We also gave them display shelves to put the decor just add

the style to this room. This design is for those who are looking for extra space to keep their belongings in. 



Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #8: Home Office Wood Slat Partitions



This home interior design idea is for the small homeowners who want to have a little privacy and have a bit

more room. The solution to this dilemma is to have a wood slat partition. It is a row of wood boards that

extend from floor to ceiling, wall-like but with gaps of space every couple of inches.


It can be put anywhere as you like as mimicking a wall with few spaces between the wood. It’s a great home

interior design idea to use as it can make the house look bigger with extra space and room.



Credit: Pinterest 

Wood Slab partition separating and 'hiding' the stairs is an amazing home interior idea. Not only that it looks

classic but it is practical as the handrail almost cannot be seen behind the wood slab partition. 


Credit: admagazine


This wood slab partition separating the mini hallway from the living room giving the owner of the room a

little bit of privacy. Not only that, but this wood slab partition also functions to give more space in the living

room. It is simple and yet functional and practical for any home.





This is the one that we specially design for one of our clients in Horizon Hills. We separate the dining area

from the living room giving it a little privacy in the dining room. Instead of just a straight horizontal wood

slab, we put display shelves in an aesthetic order to add the elegant look between the living room and dining




These 8 home interior ideas should get you started with your interior home design and before we forget, if you happen to be local in Johor Bahru and do check out our past work and other articles. We can make your dream home into your actual home. Hexa 6 is a company that can help you to design your office to make it look awesome. They always believe that great space planning and design will make people become more comfortable. Contact us if you are interested in our service and need help with any home interior design ideas in Johor Bahru, we got your back!







The Most Important Lesson From Interior Design

The Most Important Lesson From Interior Design


Decorating your own home is a lot harder than it seems. Putting together a cohesive design among various rooms can be a struggle, and even just making one room look photo-ready can take longer than you'd think. Between choosing the right furniture pieces, the perfect paint colors, the best decor accessories for space, the ideal lighting, and nailing the proportions, there are a lot of mistakes to be made.

Interior designers have seen it all, so they're more than familiar with the common design mistakes people frequently make And here some example of the most important lesson from interior design


1. Not Having a Plan


Practice considerations: Manage your architecture firm's risk during  COVID-19 - AIA

 Image credit: Google
Take time to develop a plan for your interior design project.

Starting a design project without first making a plan is like driving to an unknown location without looking at a map. You might get to where you want to go in the end, but you will make a lot of wrong turns along the way.

While not all design projects will require scale drawings and a full set of specs, you should always establish a few guidelines before you begin. No matter the size of your project, following a consistent design style and color palette will ensure the space feels cohesive.

You should also take the time to evaluate which items in your home will stay and what new pieces you will need. Make a list of things you will need to complete the project and keep it with you when shopping. This will help you avoid impulse purchases that don’t fit your aesthetic.


2. Thinking Everything Has To Match


These Are The 4 Color Rules That Every Interior Design Fan Needs To Know

 Image credit: Google


Your home should be as unique as you are. And the best way to create an interior that expresses your tastes and individual style is to select each piece carefully. It might seem easier to take a page from your favorite catalog to guarantee everything in the room matches. But you’ll also get a room that lacks character and interest. Or worse, you might end up with the exact same living room as your neighbor.

Never be in a rush when decorating your home. You’re far better off living without something for a little while than to buy furniture that doesn’t fit with your design plan. The wait will be worth it when you discover that perfect piece. And choosing individual pieces rather than matching sets will make it easy to swap out a piece when it’s time for a change.



3. Placing Furniture Right Against the Wall


The Beginner's Guide to Decorating Living Rooms

 Image credit: Google


Unless you have a really small space and there’s no way around it, pushing all your furniture up against the wall can make for an awkward arrangement. This usually leaves large, empty spaces and results in furniture that’s too far apart for conversation. Unless you’re designing a library intended for quiet contemplation, your furniture plan should facilitate comfortable conversation.

When planning a room, interior designer Betsy Burnham of Burnham Design says people often fall into this simple styling trap: “For some reason, people love to push their furniture pieces up to the walls of their rooms. This makes designers crazy, and it really doesn’t save or create more space!” she says.

Try “conversational furniture placement,” which focuses on grouping accents. “Pull pieces toward one another and off the walls to create more intimate, useful seating,” she says. If you’re unsure, she recommends using a sketch pad. “I always encourage people to draw even the most basic plan and play with the placement of their furniture, just as we do.”


4. Having Only One Light Source


rattan chair by patio door

 Ensure you have plenty of natural and installed lighting /// Image credit: Taylor Simpson/Unsplash


So often, people move into a new home and never think twice about the lighting. Builders generally use the least expensive fixtures and install only enough to provide basic light. This leaves most homes with either dimly lit spaces or harsh lighting. Or sometimes both!

The trick to ensuring every room in your house is comfortable and well-lit is to make a lighting plan that includes ambient, task, and accent lighting. You can achieve this by layering your lighting at different levels and intensities. A combination of overhead lights, wall lights, and floor and table lamps will provide even lighting throughout your home.

A well-thought-out lighting plan will ensure each room has enough light to perform any task that is usually done in the space. Each room should have overall (ambient) lighting to allow you to move around safely. Tas well as task lighting for performing specific activities such as cooking or reading. And accent lighting to highlight noteworthy items such as artwork or architectural features.

“Be sure to have lighting on dimmers and also coming from multiple sources at different heights, [such as] floor lamps and table lamps. And always choose soft white bulbs,” Athena Calderone, founder of EyeSwoon says. Harsh fluorescent or white lights can make a space feel stark and uninviting. “Warm lighting not only sets the mood but also makes a room feel intimate and aglow.”



5. Hanging Curtains Too Low


What Color Curtains go With Beige Walls? (Our Experiment with Images) -

  Image credit: Google


Another all-too-common interior design mistake is hanging curtains at or just above the window frame. This can make windows seem smaller and actually blocks natural light if the curtains don’t open wide enough to leave the windows completely unobstructed.

As a rule of thumb, if you hang your curtains higher and there is a long length of fabric, your room will look taller.

Hanging curtains just below the ceiling and allowing them to extend all the way down to the floor, will make windows appear larger. Be sure the rod extends far enough past the window frame to ensure the window is completely uncovered when the curtains are open.



 "BIG HEAD" About Interior Design?

Contact Hexa6 Design Now! Hexa6 Design will study customers’ existing lifestyle and living habits before design. Having proper space planning and determine the design concept is the preliminary step of turning a dream home into a reality. We are providing customize house interior and exterior design to clients in order to build their dream home.

With work closely with builders and homeowners from the early planning stages of each project through to completion with attention to detail and time-efficiency.



**Resources from Google,

Office Interior Design Tips: Cheap Ways to Make Your Office Look Awesome


Averagely we spend 8 hours at our day time in office for working.  It is important for us to have a comfortable working environment.  There are actually some Cheap Ways to Make Your Office Look Awesome where you will feel more fulfilled at work. 

Now if you are a boss, look here by having an awesome office environment will not only create a better company culture but also save you money because unhappy employees are more likely to take more sick days and be less productive. 
Tell us who doesn’t like to work in an office with cool interior designs and full of creative things?  Everyone has this dream to work in this kind of office. Let's create an office environment make where you can feel motivated, focused and ready to get things done. 
Here is some office design inspiration for you, let us walk through 7 cheap ways to make your office look awesome!

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  1. Wall Decoration
  2. Modern and Stylish Shelving
  3. Office Interior Design Ideas For Small Space
  4. Stay Close With Nature
  5. Encourage personal items
  6. Put mirrors up
  7. Get a DIY Decoration Board



Cheap Ways to Make Your Office Look Awesome


1.Wall Decoration That Make You Feel Motivated



If you are looking for ideas to decorate your wall space, then motivational quotes and colorful canvases are always brilliant ideas.  Run a quick search on Pinterest and there are TONS of creative office wall decoration ideas, it is easy to do just with a small spend of budget on it.  If you look for more ideas,  HEXA6 DESIGN Office Interior Design Johor Bahru can help you to customized your office wall and for sure you will love your work.



2. Modern and Stylish Shelving Suit For Office Interior Design 



Alternatively, modern and stylish shelving units are also a great way to display decorative items and store files without leaving the office looking messy and unorganized.  Well, you may also can look and get into wall shelf in Shopee or Lazada!  It looks pretty good with affordable price suit for office interior design concept.



3. Office Interior Design Ideas For Small Space



No one said that offices had to be self-contained spaces.  If you have any wasted space or especially those ‘dead’ spaces we all have in our office – next to the wardrobe, under the stairs, hallways or extra rooms, this could be the ideal place to have a small space for resting and relaxing.  These are all potential temporary (or maybe permanent) office spaces. If you have a spot next to this window is perfect, you just need it to be wide enough to squeeze in a desk! Add in a stool, desk lamp, and some cozy carpet, and you are good to go! 



4. Stay Close With Nature



One of the ways to make your office look awesome is the placement of interior plants, which can transform your ordinary working environment into something living and breathing.  Interior plants offer a beautiful addition to your office while also benefiting the overall well-being, offering a visually meditative experience that ultimately leads to happier and healthier.  Well, here one most important thing is you need to make sure it is natural, to said this to you need to have your plants are arranged randomly so it so looks naturally not rigid or uniform.  



5. Encourage Personal Items



Of course, employees should be expected to have reasonable care to safeguard their privacy and the image of their company, and there are certain items that just wouldn’t be appropriate to display at work. But allowing employees the opportunity to decorate their desks with personal belongings, such as family photos, children’s drawings or that favorite teddy will give your office a more feeling like at home, making everyone feel more comfortable and happy. Displaying personal effects at work can help to take a small step back from an environment that feels too corporate.



6. Put Mirrors Up



Mirrors can change the whole look of your working environment. They make your office more refined and professional and can make space look bigger, causing your workspace to feel more open and inviting.  It is pretty cool also as now your employees don’t have to go to the bathroom every time they need to double-check their appearance before a presentation. Haha!


7. Get a DIY Decoration Board



We spent most of our time on computers or phones, so sometimes it’s nice to look at something other than a screen. The office decoration board can be a great way to let employees know about upcoming training, cool places to grab lunch in the area or just a way to get to know more about colleagues. Use these decoration board ideas to get creative with your office communication, your office will look more lively with this decoration. 



Finding A Professional Designer To Help With Your Office Interior Design?


Of course, finding someone who is an expert office interior design can assure the quality of the design. If you are finding one, I will recommend to you a very reliable company which provides such a service: Hexa 6!

Hexa 6 is a company that can help you to design your office to make it look awesome. They always believe that great space planning and design will make people become more comfortable. 

With the help of Hexa 6,  you do not need to worry about your office interior design anymore!!!













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