5 Most Powerful Bar Decor Design Idea For You


Bar design is important because that is an important part of your marketing strategy since the way your bar look will be crucial to your branding. The bar interior design is the first thing that the customer will notice when they walk through the door and that becomes their first impression about your brand, the level of service they expect, and their willingness to come again or not. Hence, the bar interior design should not be despised by bar owner.

Before that, we were sharing the best bar design tips you should know. From that article, you know what should include in a bar. However, you may still not have the ideas about your bar design whether you are already in the planning phase of new bar or redesign your old bar. We believe this article able to give you inspiration. And if you happen to be local, we can provide bar décor design in Johor Bahru. Hexa 6 can give you the bar design that you want at the appropriate price.



The first of powerful bar design idea - Subsix, Maldives


 credit: Subsix


The world’s first underwater club at this time, Subsix is located nearly 20 feet ( 6 meters ) below the Indian Ocean.

The Subsix Underwater Bar is an immersive life in the water. Poole Associates' recent redesign draws inspiration from the aquatic environment and sets up a very surreal stage for guests to dive beneath the water and explore their desires. In six meters below the waterline, in coral cover construction, when you enjoy contemporary cuisine with coral reefs, you can see the stimulation of nocturnal hunting.

Unsurprisingly, Subsix's new look is based on the surrounding Marine life. Custom-made chairs massage guests with rubber fingers inspired by sea anemones, while Capiz's shell ceiling arrangement is described as an ode to the sea algae forest. Coral-shaped chandeliers, clam-shaped bar and aquatic tone mood lighting complete the theme of "Finding Nemo-Esque".

In the words of Dietmar Koegel, general manager of Per Aquum Niyama, "The sixth floor is the closest you can get to a coral reef without wearing a mask or a wetsuit." The guests loved the setting from the start, and we knew it was something special and had to take it to the next level."




The second powerful bar design idea - Peaches, Melbourne


credit: Pinterest 


Peaches are Swanston Street's newest branch, with soft interiors, tropical leaves, and suede booths that convey the sweetest nostalgia of the 70s. The bar was designed by interior and furniture designer, Pierce Widera.

Climb a pink staircase and you'll find yourself in a retro-chic space with a unique setting that mimics an American restaurant, with peach-shaped orbs and sparkling mirror balls lighting up the room. Passing the pink stairs to the top floor, Peach Roof feels more like Miami than Melbourne, and its eponymous wood deck with pastel blue walls and white furniture is the ideal spot to enjoy the summer splash and people watching from above.

The best part about this beautiful urban oasis is that it has two parts. Replace vintage furnishings with coastal decor on the three-story Peaches roof. Here, you'll find refreshing sprays that complement the atmosphere of the beach. However, the roof has proved to be versatile in all seasons, with a built-in heating system within the concrete seats.

Peaches become a relaxing spot at the end of nightlife in the city, hitting Peach with great cocktails, fried chicken, and high times.




The third powerful bar design idea – Night Flight, Bulgaria


credit: Pinterest


Night Flight is a live music club and it has become one of the pubs that most talked about because their bar interior design helps them succeed to become the Winner of Best All in One Venue in the Design My Night Awards, they also as the European Best Bar Award 2014, and Architizer A+ Award 2014. This bar interior designer is Svetoslav Todorov.

This European-inspired bar unites function with aesthetics. They set up the night scenery by using the binding effect of sound insolation – adding extra depth to the walls and absorbing all light reflections.

The glittering of stars was represented by a luminous web – a spherical surface that enhances the central perspective. Mirror reflections were used by reason of multiplication and modification of the space proportions. Domes illuminated by small dots of light that resemble geometric pixels, and the night flight conveys a different type of feeling.

Their design was inspired by its name, night flight. They reinvented the concept of a midnight walk/ flight under a starry sky. The main room has a stunning phosphorescent arch. Then, they placed the stage in the center of the space with seating is arranged in three tiers and one balcony, in order to achieve 360º contact with the audience.



The fourth powerful bar design idea- The Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone, Louisiana


credit: Pinterest


The famed Carousel Bar and Lounge at Hotel Monteleone is a long-time favorite New Orleans hotspot. The classic New Orleans Hotel Bar is the city's only rotating bar. This bar is famous and it is frequented by New Orleans locals and tourists, even if you are not a guest of the hotel. This bar was designed by SCNZ architects and their effort got paid with the award of Vieux Carré Commission Recognition.

The 25-seat bar is a former merry-go-round that has been spinning at the Monteleone Hotel since 1949. The bar will rotate at a speed of one lap every 15 minutes. Customers at the Carousel Bar may have a distinct impression that the room is spinning - even if they're not indulged in the hotel's signature Sazerac.

Recently, Vogue Living named our bar one of the top 20 bars in the world, due to their quirky spin and comprehensive cocktail list.



The fifth of powerful bar design idea – Txalupa, Spain


credit: Pinterest


This design for Txalupa Gastroteka won the award of international bar design 2020, from El's team Creativo started as part of the pintxos(small tapas) bar in Old San Sebastian and had to be changed entirely due to the change in ownership, but without losing part of the essence of these traditional pintxos bars, they are long bars full of revealing tapas and a lively and casual atmosphere.

The bar is located on Fermin Calbeton Street, a classic street in San Sebastian Pintxos. The street actually connects the harbor, where small fishing boats still dock, to the La Bretxa market, where the city's old fish market is still used as a gourmet market.

In the underground, they created a rival space: a small private club, and a sophisticated atmosphere at night, provide a selection of snacks and cocktails. Their design was inspired by an old ship cellar, Txalupa, and the warm golden wood tones surrounding us contrasted with the blue of the seafloor.

Txalupa's bar, its dining room, visible kitchen, ropes, and menus pay a sincere tribute to the sailors and their ships, which, due to their versatility and sturdiness, form an integral part of the traditional Basque image today.




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