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Best bar design tips you should know

After our previous article 6 Best Office Interior Design Tips By Professional Designers, it grabbed a lot of attentions from our readers ask us: How about bar design tips?

Yes, in this article, we are going to share with you the best bar design tips you should know. Don't miss it!



  1. Dedicated Register
  2. Drink Prep Station
  3. Speed Rail
  4. Glassware Storage
  5. Beer Taps
  6. Glass Management - Washing
  7. Bar Tops
  8. Troughs
  9. Soda Stations



Best Bar Design Tips You Should Know


1. Dedicated Register

This is the first on the list and that’s because in the short term, it’ll cost the bar design a lot of money. Many Owners will decide to force two or three bartenders to use the same POS, drawer or register.

But when you have a lot of orders, the bartenders will have to queue up to use them. This results in a loss of productivity and it can also deter some clients from ever coming to your bar again.

Also, another thing when having multiple cash registers is that holding one bartender responsible for theft or cash mistake is impossible. In fact, you’ll need to hold all of them accountable which is indeed a liability.


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2. Drink Prep Stations


Image credit: Canva


It’s absolutely necessary that every bartender has a dedicated drink ice bin, a soda gun next to it, another iced bin for Store and Pour juice containers, wines and cold spirits, a back-bar where you stock the most super premium, premium and popular call spirits, a Speed Rail that consists of popular spirits and a condiment tray. For best efficiency, the drink preparation station needs to be directly across the register.


3. Speed Rail

The speed rail should feature basic spirits, but also the drinks that are considered best sellers for that particular bar. At a minimum the speed rail needs to contain Triple Sec, Tequila, Gin, Rum and Vodka. You need to have one that’s big enough to accommodate the preceding plus house liquors, common Schnapps, Grenadine, Roses Lime Juice, Vermouth (Sweet and Dry). 

Ideally, speed rails need to be double wells. This means they need to feature 2 rows that are able to accommodate about twenty bottles or so. Based on your clientele, you may need to have drinks such as popular puckers, Seagrams 7, Titos, Belvedere, Grey Goose, Jameson, Black Label, Dewars and also Jack Daniels.

There are few things more time consuming and annoying than having to walk forty feet of bar space and three other busy bartenders just so that you can get a dash of the single bottle of Cinzano Bianco or Angustura Bitters.


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4. Glassware Storage


Image credit: Mullet Cabinet


Glassware should be easily accessed by every bartender. A stash of Highballs, Rocks and Pints need to be maintained and stacked by the front bar for best efficiency.

Within arm’s-length, you should also have a great store of back up and other types of glasses. It’s also recommended that you invest in a glass chiller and that’s because ice-cold Martinis and frosty pints are greatly appreciated by clients. It’s actually these small details that separate mediocre bars from top bars and that’s going to be noticed in your bar’s revenue for sure.


5. Beer Taps


Image credit: 123rf

-Tap Placement

There are too many bars these days that just place their giant beer taps in the client’s line of sight. Not only does it make it harder for the bartender to service guests properly, but it also makes for some awkward conversation. Such mechanical disadvantages will negatively impact revenue, so that is why beer taps need to be provisioned below eye level.

However, if it’s required to place them on the bar though, they have to be installed in a way that the brands and handles can still be visible, but not high enough to interfere with the client to bartender service or conversation. If you can afford it and have the appropriate space, using back-beer taps is highly recommended.



Many bars overlook the type of tap beers they are going to sell. So why does this matter? Well, one reason is because you can get branded handles in a wide range of sizes and shapes. In most cases, handles won’t fit next to one other and on top of that, they may also cause unintentional spilling of neighboring beers. Goose Island and Blue Moon IPA are especially problematic.



Beer taps need to have proper drainage beneath them. Also, the drains need to be directed not to ice bins, buckets, the floor, but to drain pipes. The drain pipes should also be cleaned often.


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6. Glass Management – Washing

Efficient bars need to have glass racks and slop sinks readily accessible, but also commercial dishwashers (high speed types) either in the kitchen’s dish room or behind the bar.

It’s important that you consider assigning the main responsibility of are-stocking glasses and sending full racks through the machines, to your barback. When your bartenders can fully focus on your clients, you’ll generate a lot more revenue.


7. Bar Tops 


Image credit: Dawnvale


The bar top is something that a lot of bar owners like to get very creative with. Some may be designed of traditional wood, tile, brass, but also stainless steel, copper and different types of stones.

However, if you use anything other than wood, then you’ll have the problem of little give. This usually applies to stone tops. While they do look nice, it’s extremely easy to crack and also break glasses.

As for brass and copper, they do require a lot of periodical maintenance which is time consuming and costly.


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8. Troughs

What is a trough, you ask? Well, it’s basically a four or five inch shallow well where you usually spot branded barmats. This is actually designed to drain spills properly, but also catch them. Without one, you’d have a big problem with liquids draining in all kinds of places and you certainly wouldn’t want that to happen in your bar.

As a client, it’s not recommended that you stick cigarette boxes, empty gum boxes and crumpled napkins and even empty glasses in it. It’s really not a good idea at all.

The trough in your bar needs to be designed in a way that it makes it easy for drinks to drain properly. However, we’re not talking about drainage over a supply area, ice bin, etc. This is actually a very common issue. Drainage is generally poorly implemented or not even considered and this creates a major health hazard.


9. Soda Stations

If you’re ever given the choice, it’s important that the task of filing water and soda is delegated to the Service Bar’s wait staff. 

As previously iterated, any task that’s going to distract your bartenders and make it harder for them to service customers properly is going to negatively impact your revenue. After all, why wouldn’t you have a soda gun, a water spigot or an ice bin so that your waitstaff can use them when needed? While it’s very illogical, it’s a problem that is a lot more common than you think.



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