How to Improve Standard of Living by Interior Design and Renovation

  1. Problem Solving

The first vision for any interior designers is to find a solution to the clients’ problem. Be it space planning or turning a plain room to an elegant one.


  1. Make it Functional

Another key part for interior design is to lean more towards functionality of an area more so than aesthetic, as true design should be more practical and yet.


  1. Safety and Comfort

While designing every house is a unique and exciting opportunity, we must implement the essential pieces prior to design. Ensuring that our clients receive a safe and comfortable design with proper SOP’s are our responsibility in this profession.


  1. Improve Organization

With the essential parts included, we have to think of some ways for clients to store their belongings in any interior layouts. Identifying items and tools which are frequently used in each area allow us to create space or ideas to help clients organize in a better way.


  1. Improve Organization

Many designs are not only a sight to see, but it serve as a purpose for users to interact everything with ease through saving time and energy. Identifying items and tools which area frequently used in each area allow us to create space or ideas to help clients organize in a better way.


  1. Structural Integrity

Besides just designing interior, some factors that contributes to the client’s comfort has some will impact as well. Air ventilation and sound absorbent features are some vital factors that will bring a quality lifestyle to clients. Researching these knowledge before designing is crucial to the final outcomes of a house.


  1. Smart Accessories

We also propose additional accessories that can improve clients’ quality of life as well. Introducing these add-ons such as Smart-Home System improves the overall user experience in home too.


  1. Lighting

Lighting design is vital for creating the right atmosphere and ambience in an interior. A successful placement of lighting provides the perfect illumination effect for every area. Utilizing lights and day light can also yield unique moods as well.


  1. Décor Finishes

As a final touch, proposing loose decors and furniture that suits the surrounding interior will be able to increase the integrity of the concepts.

Although only in 3D Perspective, clients will be able to visualize how aesthetic can also improve rooms as well.