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Office Interior Design Tips: Cheap Ways to Make Your Office Look Awesome


Averagely we spend 8 hours at our day time in office for working.  It is important for us to have a comfortable working environment.  There are actually some Cheap Ways to Make Your Office Look Awesome where you will feel more fulfilled at work. 

Now if you are a boss, look here by having an awesome office environment will not only create a better company culture but also save you money because unhappy employees are more likely to take more sick days and be less productive. 
Tell us who doesn’t like to work in an office with cool interior designs and full of creative things?  Everyone has this dream to work in this kind of office. Let's create an office environment make where you can feel motivated, focused and ready to get things done. 
Here is some office design inspiration for you, let us walk through 7 cheap ways to make your office look awesome!

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  1. Wall Decoration
  2. Modern and Stylish Shelving
  3. Office Interior Design Ideas For Small Space
  4. Stay Close With Nature
  5. Encourage personal items
  6. Put mirrors up
  7. Get a DIY Decoration Board



Cheap Ways to Make Your Office Look Awesome


1.Wall Decoration That Make You Feel Motivated



If you are looking for ideas to decorate your wall space, then motivational quotes and colorful canvases are always brilliant ideas.  Run a quick search on Pinterest and there are TONS of creative office wall decoration ideas, it is easy to do just with a small spend of budget on it.  If you look for more ideas,  HEXA6 DESIGN Office Interior Design Johor Bahru can help you to customized your office wall and for sure you will love your work.



2. Modern and Stylish Shelving Suit For Office Interior Design 



Alternatively, modern and stylish shelving units are also a great way to display decorative items and store files without leaving the office looking messy and unorganized.  Well, you may also can look and get into wall shelf in Shopee or Lazada!  It looks pretty good with affordable price suit for office interior design concept.



3. Office Interior Design Ideas For Small Space



No one said that offices had to be self-contained spaces.  If you have any wasted space or especially those ‘dead’ spaces we all have in our office – next to the wardrobe, under the stairs, hallways or extra rooms, this could be the ideal place to have a small space for resting and relaxing.  These are all potential temporary (or maybe permanent) office spaces. If you have a spot next to this window is perfect, you just need it to be wide enough to squeeze in a desk! Add in a stool, desk lamp, and some cozy carpet, and you are good to go! 



4. Stay Close With Nature



One of the ways to make your office look awesome is the placement of interior plants, which can transform your ordinary working environment into something living and breathing.  Interior plants offer a beautiful addition to your office while also benefiting the overall well-being, offering a visually meditative experience that ultimately leads to happier and healthier.  Well, here one most important thing is you need to make sure it is natural, to said this to you need to have your plants are arranged randomly so it so looks naturally not rigid or uniform.  



5. Encourage Personal Items



Of course, employees should be expected to have reasonable care to safeguard their privacy and the image of their company, and there are certain items that just wouldn’t be appropriate to display at work. But allowing employees the opportunity to decorate their desks with personal belongings, such as family photos, children’s drawings or that favorite teddy will give your office a more feeling like at home, making everyone feel more comfortable and happy. Displaying personal effects at work can help to take a small step back from an environment that feels too corporate.



6. Put Mirrors Up



Mirrors can change the whole look of your working environment. They make your office more refined and professional and can make space look bigger, causing your workspace to feel more open and inviting.  It is pretty cool also as now your employees don’t have to go to the bathroom every time they need to double-check their appearance before a presentation. Haha!


7. Get a DIY Decoration Board



We spent most of our time on computers or phones, so sometimes it’s nice to look at something other than a screen. The office decoration board can be a great way to let employees know about upcoming training, cool places to grab lunch in the area or just a way to get to know more about colleagues. Use these decoration board ideas to get creative with your office communication, your office will look more lively with this decoration. 



Finding A Professional Designer To Help With Your Office Interior Design?


Of course, finding someone who is an expert office interior design can assure the quality of the design. If you are finding one, I will recommend to you a very reliable company which provides such a service: Hexa 6!

Hexa 6 is a company that can help you to design your office to make it look awesome. They always believe that great space planning and design will make people become more comfortable. 

With the help of Hexa 6,  you do not need to worry about your office interior design anymore!!!













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