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8 Creative Home Interior Design Ideas That Will Instantly Transform Your Home

8 Creative Home Interior Design Ideas That


Will Instantly Transform Your Home



Stylish and Elegant




If your home interior looking a bit dull right now and you are haven’t update your home interior design for

forever but have limited space and budget, you are in a right place. You can change this dull home problem

into something beautiful.  


We thought of 8 creative home interior design ideas that can help you get started and inspired for your home

interior design. With these home interior design ideas, your home will feel fresh, stylish, and elegant. A

creative home interior design will give you a new life as you live through the day at home. And if you happen

to be local, we can provide home interior design in Johor Bahru. We can give you the design that you want at

the right price.




Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #1:Hidden Light


Having a well-lit house is an important part of interior home design. Lighting creates a mood and calls

attention to the décor style in your home. But a few hidden illuminations can be put to good use and it's really

cool: it is great to showcase many interior features, highlight work areas and create an intimate glow, hidden

lighting fixtures are a stylish way to set the mood to add to any scene.


Having lights that directly illuminate you can be a pain to look at. But with hidden light, you can say goodbye

to the bright light above your head. We have collected some of the best-hidden lights that may inspire you to

get yours at home too.  Now let’s look at how and where to use this home interior design idea.



  Contemporary home interior design that added hidden lighting that can give a fresh look and it can set the mood

Credit: Pinterest


Contemporary home interior design that added hidden lighting that can give a fresh look and it can set the mood.


Credit: Kelly Hoppen London

Credit: Kelly Hoppen London 


Backlighting bath accessories is a great way to make them look more dramatic.




Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #2: Space Saving Bed


Space-saving bed means exactly what the word means. It is to turn any small, curve corners and areas of your

house into a sleeping place.  Space-saving beds are fun to work with for home interior design. There are so

many possibilities and people have been really creative.


From loft beds to bunk beds to anything that is possible. These bed solutions will give you extra space and

help you to get the most out of your house. This home interior design idea usually is used in much compact

and modest homes. Take a look at the most creative space-saving bed.




Credit: Pinterest

 Having to bed on top of your shelf for your personal belonging can save a lot of space especially with a compact home.



Credit: Pinterest


Go for darker and built-in shelves for a neater and clean-looking room look and a comfortable bed in the

middle having everything in you need to your reach




Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #3: Hidden Door 



Having secret doors is not limited in the movie anymore. Today modern society have the access of hidden

door as well. Yes, you read it right, you can have a hidden door in your home too. A secret door is your chance

to go creative with whatever lies on the side.


Bookshelves with a latch, wall paneling, and even built-in household implements can all hide the sacred

chamber. If you're looking to add a bit of fun and mysterious vibe to your home or want to keep the world shut

from the other side, these hidden door ideas are for you.



Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Hidden door with wood slab wall that can really hide whatever behind it. One of the best home interior design

ideas that give you a bit of privacy. 



Credit: Pinterest


A cabinet hidden door that leads directly to your kitchen or dining room can blend easily with your current

cabinet and it can blend beautifully with your current cabinet. 



Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #4: Home Office 


Having a home office not only helps your productivity but it brightens up your home interior. Most home

the office has something in common: space secluded from the distraction that is tempting such as TV and



A home office can be creatively charming and the best thing about it is that you don’t need a lot of space to do

it. You can make a home office even if you own a compact and modest home. Everything is up to the

creativity of your Interior designer.


We’ve gathered some of the best home offices that might inspire you to go make your own home office in

your home too. Read more on how to make your office more interesting at a low cost to get your dream home

office that you have always wanted.


Credit: Pinterest


Makeshift your home office with an L-Shaped desk and facing out the window to have natural light. Not only

it is space-saving but natural light can increase your productivity and boost your mood. 



Credit: Architectural Digest

Mix it up with your home office hidden inside the cabinet to have better privacy and away from everybody

and distraction. This is one of the best home interior design ideas that you can use in your home. 



Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #5: Floating Bed



A floating bed is just one of those things that rarely find in a normal household. The design is just one of those

things that make you go up and very pleasing to look at. They are aesthetically pleasing, clean, and a

touch of new air.


It brings the best out of creative home interior design as the finishing touch are clean and well defined. That’s

not all, these floating beds offer more subtle and bring in a more futuristic look. You can bring it up a notch by

putting hidden light under the bed to showcase more the futuristic look.


Credit: Pinterest


Floating bed with led light under it giving it a futuristic feature just the mood for the most time of day,



A variety of colors can really set the mood for your bedtime giving a better sleep and peace of mind in your

bedroom. The bed frame is anchored to the wall and doesn't worry, it is completely safe to sleep on. This

aesthetic home interior design idea can sure transform your bed into your favorite place in the house. 




Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #6: Track Lighting


Another one of those little things that can a big impact on your home interior design is track lighting. Like we

have mentioned before, lighting plays a big role inside a home, so here’s are some home interior design ideas

that might pop a lightbulb out of your head.


Track lighting lifts a home out of any potential to look gloomy. Track lighting is a great option for the living

room, with its functionality and flexibility. It can elevate the lighting of a room without using the main ceiling

light. This home interior design idea is low budget and has a huge impact on the perspective of the home.

Here’s are some of the track lighting ideas for your home interior design to give you some inspiration.



Credit: Pinterest: Pinterest



Track lighting has been getting more popular over time. The simplicity and the functionality should be your

top 5 to get in your home. It can really bring out of the space that was focus on. This modern home interior

design with tracking lights focusing on the countertop is just everything you need in your kitchen. 



Credit: Pinterest


Track light in the living room works perfectly and it adds a touch of elegance to the room. With the right

pairing and matching items, it could be the best home interior design you could have.



Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #7: Home Office Built-In Shelving



Living room built-ins are a view to look at and it can add style and personality. Style and personality are not

the only things built-ins can provide, it also provides something much greater than that, storage.


As fellow Malaysian, we know how many Malaysian have the many stuff in their home and built-in shelving

can be designed to cater to your household’s specific needs, the options are limitless depends on your

creativity. It can turn into closed storage, an open display area or even attention to specific details custom

built-ins can offer the perfect solution.


Credit: Pinterest


Built-in shelves with open displays can really freshen up the view of your home. With its sleek and modern

look and wardrobe that adds extra storage underneath the TV is a really simple but amazing view to look at.

The decor can be customized to your liking. 




One of our specialties is working and designing with build-in shelves that give you full satisfaction. This

modern home interior design that we have created in past for one of our customers. They look really happy

and excited when they first came to see the home interior design.


They were amazed at what we have done with their room. The built-in TV stand and the extra storage just

blend naturally with the design of the whole room. We also gave them display shelves to put the decor just add

the style to this room. This design is for those who are looking for extra space to keep their belongings in. 



Creative Home Interior Design Ideas #8: Home Office Wood Slat Partitions



This home interior design idea is for the small homeowners who want to have a little privacy and have a bit

more room. The solution to this dilemma is to have a wood slat partition. It is a row of wood boards that

extend from floor to ceiling, wall-like but with gaps of space every couple of inches.


It can be put anywhere as you like as mimicking a wall with few spaces between the wood. It’s a great home

interior design idea to use as it can make the house look bigger with extra space and room.



Credit: Pinterest 

Wood Slab partition separating and 'hiding' the stairs is an amazing home interior idea. Not only that it looks

classic but it is practical as the handrail almost cannot be seen behind the wood slab partition. 


Credit: admagazine


This wood slab partition separating the mini hallway from the living room giving the owner of the room a

little bit of privacy. Not only that, but this wood slab partition also functions to give more space in the living

room. It is simple and yet functional and practical for any home.





This is the one that we specially design for one of our clients in Horizon Hills. We separate the dining area

from the living room giving it a little privacy in the dining room. Instead of just a straight horizontal wood

slab, we put display shelves in an aesthetic order to add the elegant look between the living room and dining




These 8 home interior ideas should get you started with your interior home design and before we forget, if you happen to be local in Johor Bahru and do check out our past work and other articles. We can make your dream home into your actual home. Hexa 6 is a company that can help you to design your office to make it look awesome. They always believe that great space planning and design will make people become more comfortable. Contact us if you are interested in our service and need help with any home interior design ideas in Johor Bahru, we got your back!







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