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Home Interior Design: 5 great reasons why it is important

The term 'Beauty' has a lot of meaning in various languages, but it is all about aesthetics and appealing in simple and basic words. Of course, we want to keep everything around us looking aesthetic and appealing, from the natural surroundings to the building we live in, largely because it will greatly affect our feelings and emotions.

However, many individuals may not believe that interior design has such a big impact on their lives, but the fact is that it has probably been a part of millions of our daily circumstances.

You might question, why would interior design be so influential? Hexa6 is here to provide some of the reasons why home interior design is important. Take some time to read and we believe it will change your mind.



 1. Home interior design affects our mood and feelings

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As mentioned earlier, home interior design is undoubtedly one of the elements that will affect our mood and emotions. This is very accurate since we are the ones that choose the whole design of our homes depending on our needs and tastes.

Colors, for example, play a huge role in impacting the mood of the house. This is because if the interior part is designed with our favorite color, then it will be more likely that we will enjoy staying in the house. If, however, our home interior is built using dark colors such as brown, grey and black, it might upset the energetic flow in our house because of its high strength.

In addition, a superb home interior design will always incorporate natural flow and also fresh air movement. This will not only make the house seem exquisite but also make you feel comfy and relaxed while staying in the house. This would not be the situation in the inadequately ventilated dwelling as there would be a chance of a strong odor and perhaps suffocating. Therefore, to make your home seem attractive and enjoyable, the interior sections must be well planned.



2. Design provides you more than enough space

7 Elements of Interior Design
Source: Frankel Building Group

In both Malaysia and Singapore, optimizing our house spacing has become a major challenge in our everyday life. The best option is to collaborate with an interior specialist to make the most of our area.

A house with a decent interior design will always offer sufficient space for areas like the sitting room and living room. Handicapped or ageing individuals at home may also easily access and move around, as we can build the inside section in a way that allows them to have adequate space to perform their activity without any further assistance. This entirely eliminates the needless congestion in badly designed houses.

If a room is effectively planned, it doesn't only appear good. Good design extends beyond decoration and luxury furnishings to make everything in the space a value.



3. Safety above everything

Interior Design of Modern Luxury Residence | Comelite Architecture  Structure and Interior Design | ArchelloSource: Archello

Safety should and must be the first thing that we consider when we renovate our home interior. We have heard many universities or large buildings renovating to ensure safety, but seldom have we heard individuals declare that they renovate their homes with the aim of guaranteeing home safety.

However, it is indisputable that home renovation creates safety conditions which can avoid many injuries, particularly for children or the elderly, while they are alone at home.

If a house is renovated appropriately, the safeguards are addressed to position all the interior facilities in the necessary safe location and the harmful ones will be in places that are outside the reach of youngsters. Electric wires in a well-designed house are also carefully located and isolated, making them designed for young kids and any guests.



4. Super easy to maintain

Practical Interior Design Elements That Are Easy To Clean & Maintain -  Deco-ManSource: Deco-man

If our body requires frequent check-up, it doesn't make sense that our beautiful homes don't need regular upkeep. Maintenance so becomes one of the key considerations when our house is renovated.

If our inner house is very well planned, it will be extremely quick and simple to maintain since all the identical equipment to be serviced together is arranged together. This not only facilitates maintenance, but also indirectly saves us money and energy throughout the maintenance process.

Furthermore, if the house is adequately designed, damage is not possible because the incidents that damage the adjacent furnishings would be completely minimized.



5Increase the property value

Property Valuation In Malaysia Can Be Impacted By These 10 Factors |  PropertyGuru Malaysia                                                                                                                        Source: Propertyguru

Without any exaggeration, we all agree that we all prefer to purchase houses with great interior design. The same applies to customers in Malaysia and Singapore. Most of them take into account several interior dimensions such as the width of the corridors, layout of bedrooms, kitchen size, bathroom location, parking spots and so on before making a purchase choice.

If the design is below quality, it would give them the opportunity to "cut" down the price of our property.

Thus, if we are building and designing a house in Singapore or Malaysia and know we will be selling the property at some point in our life, it would be better for us to spend more on creating an excellent interior design so that we can sell the house for a better price in the future.




Finding A Professional Designer To Help With Your Home Interior Design?

There are still a lot of reasons why home interior design is very essential for you and we just cover the tip of the iceberg. If you wish to know more about interior design, you can review our past works or articles on our website. We can let you experience great service at a reasonable price. Hexa6 is an interior design company in Johor Bahru that can help you to design your house to make it look awesome. Hexa6 always believe that great space planning and design will help business to attract more people. We are work closely with builders and business owners from the early planning stages of each project through to completion with attention to detail and time-efficiency with no hidden cost.

Contact us if you are interested in our service and need help with any home interior design ideas. 


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